• OUULite 2.4 Lbs. Stand Bag - Navy


    OUULite 2.4 Lbs. Stand Bag

    OUULite 2.4 lb stand bag is the best carry bag you can find on the market. It is made of ultra lite material, but durable; 4 way full length divider for organizing your clubs; sturdy stand system. There is plenty of pocket space for your belongings, easy access to water bottle while you carry the bag. OUUL offers this Lightweight, Durable carry bag with Full Functionality and Great Quality just for you-the golfers who love to walk and carry your bags without carrying any excess weight. 


    Super light 2.4 lb. design 
    8” 4-way “X-Top” design with integrated handles
    4 zippered pockets
    4 point balanced dual strap
    Patented flex foot base with integrated stand