• Izzo Transport Golf Cart Bag - Blue


    Izzo Transport Golf Cart Bag 

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    • New MY-WAY Club Divider - Allows you to adjust the top club dividers from 8-14 way top with the Easy-Lift Handles
    • Features Magnetic Ball Pockets & Cooler - Strong magnets keep all pockets closed securely while still allowing ease of opening
    • Full Equipped with Features - [2] Velcro glove holders, cart lock straps, [2] metal towel clips, with additional clips
    • [2] Water Resistant Power Pockets - safely store your valuables and charge your phone or GPS device in the Power Pocket
    • Integrated SmartGRIP Handles - Easily Transport your cart bag from the trunk of your car or SUV to your golf push cart or golf cart
    • Customize the Ball Pocket - We offer free personalization of the ball pocket on all Transport Golf Cart Bags
    • Pockets - The Transport Bag comes with 9 different pockets, [3] magnetic and [6] zippered
    • Power Pocket - Add a portable charger to the Power Pocket to charge your phone or GPS unit on the course